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Bullying, Be Gone!

It's time for bullying to end in society

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What Parents Need to Know about "Bullycide"-Trigger Warning for Suicide
POTO, pissed off
lynn82md wrote in bullying_begone
The death of a girl who died by what her parents call “bullycide” is raising questions about whether suicide can be attributed to bullying.

"However, according to Julie Cerel, president of the nonprofit American Association of Suicidology, bullycide is a misleading term. “Suicide is never [caused by] just one thing — lots of people are bullied who don’t commit suicide,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Pointing to one event oversimplifies a complicated issue and makes prevention more difficult.”
Data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) supports that point. According to the CDC website, kids who are bullied — and those who bully — are at a higher risk for suicide. However, most kids who are involved in bullying don’t attempt suicide."

Oh, fuck off! Just because many people don't actually go through with committing it doesn't mean they aren't suicidal. You know how I fucking know? Because I was one of those bullied victims that never committed suicide, but it doesn't fucking mean I didn't struggle with thoughts for a while (I refuse to say how long I struggled with thoughts). Only reasons I didn't do it? Well, for starters, I didn't want to hurt those that actually gave a shit about me. Second of all, I didn't want to really die, but I came to the conclusion years after the fact that I was suicidal because I was that desperate to stop being bullied that I was willing to die to fucking escape it.

Because here's the reality: bullying makes you feel isolated, even if no one has never threatened you if you told anyone what was going on. You see...you start having thoughts of "If I tell...it might make it worse." or "Yeah...I'll probably be judged for bullying. Might as well stay quiet". So, kids and others feel safer to stay quiet than speak up. Of course, as many of us survivors learned, that doesn't work. Bullying still happens and it gets worse in some cases. And the more we keep in, the more likely we will explode ourselves.
You want to know what it honestly feels like to be bullied horrifically till you hit a breaking point? I'll tell ya. It's like being backed into a corner with no seeable way out. Then, when we explode from pent up emotion as we're holding this shit in, we do one of three things. Most of us find the trap door. Hence, why most of us don't actually follow through with our suicidal thoughts. We realize that despite the hell we're in, we realize we don't really want to die. We just want to get away from the issue that is bullying. I was in this group luckily.

Then, you have people like this poor girl that actually commit suicide because they felt there was no way out. They felt trapped and rather than stay trapped, they ended it all. Only a minority of bullied victims do this. Last, you have people that snap and explode on other people by beating the shit out of them or going on a killing spree. This group of people are rare among bullied victims.
However, to say that bullying has nothing to do with suicide is pure shit and an insult to those that actually committed suicide because they were bullied. Because even though not many of us committ suicide, we have those thoughts and for a few of us, those become actions. Don't fucking downplay that

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