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Bullying, Be Gone!

It's time for bullying to end in society

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Internet Bullies Called her Boyfriend Fat and Ugly, but she ended up with the last laugh
lynn82md wrote in bullying_begone
When Ashley met Christopher she knew almost instantly he was the one for her. They realized quite soon after that God had brought them together. Two and a half years flew by in their relationship and they're happier than ever. Ashley has even called herself, "the luckiest girl in the world." Things were going great, until Ashely posted a photo of her and Christopher on social media. Never did she imagine she would have to defend herself and her relationship.

Got to love people who trash others because of their appearence. However, I always want to tell those type of people that "Looks don't always last. If you get someone who has a vile personality, you're going to have a bad time". I enjoyed looking at this couple's pics on the article because they look like a fun loving duo that are in love. Good on this woman to counter the comments. I think it's great to stand up for who you are and who you love, regardless if faith has a role in it.

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Beautiful story and heartwarming story. :) I'm so glad the hateful comments didn't bring the couple down. Wonder if all those haters were just jealous. So nice to see the beautiful smiles in the photos.

I reckon they were probably jealous of the couple. Some of these people usually put too much into how someone looks rather than how someone acts, so when they see a couple like this they're like "Why the fuck are you with him?". Um..he doesn't act like an asshole could be a major reason why she's with him since a lot of these people who base a lot on looks tend to have sour personalities.

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