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Bullying, Be Gone!

It's time for bullying to end in society

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Bullies' Homecoming Prank Backfires
lynn82md wrote in bullying_begone
A teen was told from a group of bullies that she had been nominated for homecoming queen when she wasn't. So, two of her friends, who were both nominated for homecoming queen, decided that if one of them won...they would give the crown to their friend.

A head's up...it's better to watch the vid than try to read the transcript. The transcript is riddled with typos and you understand the full scale of the story more if you watch the vid. If you have trouble seeing the vid, let me know and I will try to give a better summary of the story.

Has anyone ever had a bully or a group of bullies pull a prank like this on you? Or someone you know? Or had pulled a prank similar where they did something to make you think you were getting something or someone was interested in you when it was the opposite?

I never had anything like "You've been nominated for Homecoming queen....sike!" happent o me, but I've had some bullies try to pull a prank on me that someone was interested in me when they weren't. I was in 8th grade. I was still being bullied, but it wasn't as bad as it had been when I was in elementary school. When it was Valentine's Day, I had gotten four flowers. One was from a teacher. The second was from my bestie. The third was from "Austin St. John", which I sent to myself (heh heh). The last was from a secret admirer.

As I got the flowers, my classmates/bullies were watching me with interest. They were waiting for my reaction to one of the flowers I got. They never got the reaction they were waiting for. Here's why:

A couple days before Valentine's Day, I was at lunch. Some of my classmates were sitting at the table behind mine where there were more people that bullied me. They asked me questions like if I was sending a flower to anyone, and I told them to my bestie (I kept the one about sending one to myself a secret). They asked me "No guy?". I'm like "No". Of course, everyone was aware that I had a huge crush on Austin St.John at this point and that's who I was interested in. No one at school since I feel like I don't click well with people my own age (hence why I prefer people older than me like my SO). For some odd reason, my bullies were always interested in who I was interested in. I guess it bothered them that I wasn't trying to active persue anyone our own age or they were interested in it because they couldn't fathom why anyone would have feelings for me. Anyhoo, the group behind me starts whispering about something and someone in the group wasn't wise enough to keep their voice quiet when they said "We should send one to her". Gee, I wonder who they could possibily be talking about *sarcasm*. I reckoned they were planning on sending me a flower from some sort of secret admirer giving me the hope that someone at our school liked me. Well, as I said, when the flowers came...they didn't get their reaction from me. I responded with the flower by "Oh, I got a secret admirer. That's nice" with a lot of sarcasm. They realized that I knew they were sending me a flower like that, so their little prank back fired. Yeah, if you're going to prank someone, make sure you discuss the plans where no one (including the person you're going to prank) is going to hear you. That was the last time they ever pulled a prank on me.