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It's time for bullying to end in society

High Schooler Catches Teacher Bullying Him on Camera
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When you hear stories of high school bullying, you expect the harassment to have come from students, not teachers. But a substitute teacher recently led a classroom of bullies in taunting a ninth grade boy—and the freshman caught the whole thing on camera.

Fifteen-year-old Stephen Davis was in math class at Streamwood High School in Illinois last week when a fellow student drew a picture on an electronic whiteboard depicting Davis — which the student labeled as the misspelled “Stepen”— as a big-eared, buck-toothed cartoon monster. Soon, the class’s substitute teacher joined in, and Davis whipped out his camera. The video, which his sister uploaded to Facebook, shows the teacher drawing antennae on the cartoon character, and labeling it “Stephen’s ugly ass.”

Davis told CBS Chicago that he’s used to getting picked on because he’s overweight. “I get bullied a lot during the school day, I’m big. I shake it off. Basically, it’s background noise to me now, it’s happened since first grade,” he said. “But this is the first time a teacher has actually done it.”

From the article:
“A message from CEO Tony Sanders: I want to assure our parents that we are aware of the video that is circulating allegedly showing a substitute teacher bullying a student at Streamwood High. Immediate and appropriate action was taken early this morning pending the outcome of our investigation.”
I have a sneaking suspicion that what I underlined was a nice way of saying "We fired this teacher". At least, I hope that's what happened. It's bad enough when students bully each other, but it is another when you're getting bullied from an authority figure like a teacher. So, I hope she wasn't only fired but cannot sub in that county again. Of course, considering this was caught on camera, she probably won't be subsituting ever again. I have no sympathy for her or anyone else that get caught hurting others on cams.

Bullies' Homecoming Prank Backfires
A teen was told from a group of bullies that she had been nominated for homecoming queen when she wasn't. So, two of her friends, who were both nominated for homecoming queen, decided that if one of them won...they would give the crown to their friend.

A head's up...it's better to watch the vid than try to read the transcript. The transcript is riddled with typos and you understand the full scale of the story more if you watch the vid. If you have trouble seeing the vid, let me know and I will try to give a better summary of the story.

Has anyone ever had a bully or a group of bullies pull a prank like this on you? Or someone you know? Or had pulled a prank similar where they did something to make you think you were getting something or someone was interested in you when it was the opposite?

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Rock Hill teen says she was bullied on school bus, beat for ‘acting too much like a white person’
*Trigger warning for assault and racism*

A Rock Hill teen told police she was bullied on a school bus Thursday afternoon then beaten up by another girl after she was told she was acting “too much like a white person.”

The victim, 16, told police that after getting off the bus on McDow Drive she was punched several times before the female assailant fled, the report states. The claims were corroborated by witnesses interviewed by responding officers, a Rock Hill police report states.

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I hope they find the other girl soon and charge her ass. Also, if it were me, I would get a restraining order.

Jennifer Aniston forced to stay home to avoid cyber bullying
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Jennifer Aniston has decided to leave her house less to avoid public criticism, which she says has worsened with cyber bullying.

The actress shares her home with fiancé Justin Theroux.

“You do the best you can but it feels like it’s getting worse and very nasty because of bullying on the internet,” Aniston told The Express.

“Even movie critics don’t just comment on the film, they tear people apart on a human level.

“I don’t know why that is happening but it is…we just stay home so there really isn’t anything to report.”

Last week, Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, was forced off Twitter after trolls sent her offensive responses to her father’s death. She called for two users to be removed from the social media channel and they have both consequently been suspended.

Twitter takes action over Zelda Williams harrassment-TW for suicide
Consider this a sequel to the last entry...

Twitter is cracking down on cyberbullies after Robin Williams's daughter, Zelda, was harassed and run off the social networking site.

The 25-year-old actress and writer suspended her Twitter and Instagram accounts after online trolls bombarded her with hateful comments.

"We will not tolerate abuse of this nature on Twitter," Del Harvey, Twitter's vice president of trust and safety, said in a statement. "We have suspended a number of accounts related to this issue for violating our rules and we are in the process of evaluating how we can further improve our policies to better handle tragic situations like this one. This includes expanding our policies regarding self-harm and private information, and improving support for family members of deceased users."

Before I continue with the rest of the article, I have to point out that she didn't suspend her account. It's not called "suspending" when it comes to one's account. She just deleted or deactivated her accounts, which she can reactivate in a certain time frame if they have that on Twitter and Instagram like they do here on Live Journal as well as Facebook. Suspending an account is usually done by the website because that account was doing some violation and you can't activate a suspended account again. That is, unless it's different on Twitter and Instagram. Continuing...

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Okay, let me point out something...especially if you didn't click the link or read more beneath the cut. She was targeted simply for NOT posting enough pictures of her father. Really, trolls? REALLY? I know trolls aren't generally bright, but seriously...because someone didn't post enough pictures of their father, who they just LOST, you all had to act like a bunch of asshats because you were butt hurt over the fact that a celebrity's daughter didn't post enough photos for your liking? Okay, I was dumbstruck when I heard about about trolls sending her fake pics of her dad's dead body. However, this makes me speechless. I want to say something mean, but I refuse to sink myself down to their level. With that said...

Kudos to Twitter for taking action

Trolls Bully Robin William's Daughter with Fake Pictures of his Body-Trigger Warning
POTO, pissed off

This is a story about a Robin Williams' daughter being bullied and tormented online about his suicide. Buckle yourselves up; in the words of Bette Davis , it's going to be a bumpy ride.

First of all, before anyone makes comments on Robin William's or anyone's suicide...let me remind you all that I did make this rule last year:
13. On the subject of suicide: While it's okay to mention that you're suicidal or have lost someone close to you from suicide on this community, debating the ethnics behind it and making comments about those that have committed suicide is not wanted in this community. If you want to debate the ethnics of suicide, go to a debate community. If you have an issue with people that have committed suicide, keep it to yourself when you're making comments and posts on this community since you may have members on here that lost someone close to suicide. Respect the decease...no matter how they got there. With that mentioned...

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Announcement on a rule
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I know things have been quiet here lately either because bullying isn't being reported in the news that much anymore (which I can't decide if that's a bad or good thing), activity on LJ is decreasing, or both. We have had activity in the moderation que, but the posts were either spam or had nothing to do with bullying. Normally, when someone spams, they usually post once and they leave us alone once it gets rejected. However, recently, someone decided to spam the same post more than once after their initial post was rejected by the mods. It lead to them being banned and to add more to a rule about spamming. What is new to the rule will be between stars.

5. No spamming communities and websites here...especially if they have nothing to do with the topic of the community. Memes aren't really forbidden to be posted here, but if they resemble some of what it is on Facebook like "Repost or you don't care!" kind of material...take it somewhere else. *While we won't ban you if you send us one post that contains spam, we will if you have made a spam post three times.* (three times based on three strikes and you're out).

Just thought I will let you all know about the new update

Amanda Todd sexual extortion leads to charges against Dutch citizen (TW for bullying and suicide)
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Posting an update to the Amanda Todd case. In case anyone doesn't know, Amanda is the teen from my area (Vancouver, BC) who committed suicide after being cyberbullied. It appears that they made a break in the case and it took place across the pond.

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I had to say is WOW! I am glad they finally made progress.

The Bystander Effect-Trigger Warning
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One problem that bullying still happens is the Bystander Effect. Unfortunately, bullying isn't the only thing that bystanders don't intervene or help in. In fact, this happens even in full blown emergencies (isn't that comforting *sarcasm*?)

So, what is the Bystander Effect?
The term bystander effect refers to the phenomenon in which the greater the number of people present, the less likely people are to help a person in distress. When an emergency situation occurs, observers are more likely to take action if there are few or no other witnesses (I would like to point out that someone taking action doesn't even happen if one bystander is there as that was obvious in the previous entry with that vid).

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Even though the Kitty Genovese case had been exaggerated by the media at the time it happened, here are a few cases of Bystander Effect that will be sure to make you feel "safe" (especially if you're in an emergency or gotten severely hurt). Btw, reading these cases will be enraging and could be triggering .
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The Bullying Experiment-Trigger Warning
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From the vid on You Tube:
Why is bullying such an on going issue in society today? It's the people who start it but is it not the people who have the capacity to put a stop to it? By watching an act of bullying with the thought of, "i was going to step in if it kept going." you may be too late. This video opened up my eyes in ways no video has done before. Hope it promotes positive change.

Just want to put it out there again that this may be triggering for some people. I will say this though, it is rage inducing how many people ignore what's going on or don't do anything.


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